Welcome to my blog on WordPress. For now (6-Oct-2006) I have created this account so that I can leave comments on other blogs @ wordpress.com. Oddly, it was not possible to leave comments without having a wordpress.com account. I was able to just opt for a username, but thought I might as well go the whole way and get a blog along with it.

So, for now, my blogs entries are all located at the following sites:

There’s also an IT (information technology) related blog at www.e-volutiononline.com/blog

I shall start posting copies of my entries here just as soon as I spend them time figuring out how to automate the process.

With love,

Jonathan Evatt


One Response to “Welcome…”

  1. maziesolis45696 Says:

    “u4ec5u7528u4e86u4e00u5e74u65f6u95f4u5c31u62ffu5230u4e86LLM”,u8fd9u4e2au201cu4ec5u201du5b57u60f3u8bf4u660eu4ec0u4e48uff1fLLMu96beu9053u4e0du662fu90fdu Click http://pepij.nl/succeaa100645

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